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Interior/Exterior Residential Painting

Although our company may have a large appearance at times, this is to accommodate some very large volume clients. Our residential projects are carried out by our top and most trusted crews to ensure you receive the personal touch that is needed to invoke the gratitude we are searching for.


Large Volume Turn-Key Clients

This company was started with turn-key renovations and we have completed over 100 each year since our start with our numbers scheduled to triple in 2019. We have done work in large volumes with companies such as American Homes for Rent, Progress Residential, Invitation Homes, and Open Door. We have enabled some of these companies to triple their reach in the triangle area by providing stress-free top-notch showroom ready homes.


New Construction

This is where we take huge pride in our work. For a true painter, a freshly finished bare house that is not yet painted is like an artist with a blank canvas. We get to show you just how far our knowledge and accuracy goes and we are Grateful for the opportunity to flaunt!


Showroom Ready Homes!

Are you looking to sell or rent your home and need a reasonably priced way to get your homes ready to be presented to potential customers? We are a one stop shop to make sure there are no issues when you are showing your home off. Take a look at some of our showroom pictures. These projects are often completed within a matter of a few days entailing a wide variety of trades, and as you will be able to see… These are no rush jobs. We offer quick turnovers with precise and beautiful results.


Special Offers


Large Volume Discounts

Clients who wish to promise large volumes of work(multiple homes a month) are eligible for loyalty discounts. You will need to contact the owner directly at 919-437-8445.

Low-Cost Material Options

In order to maintain a consistent quality of work from job to job Grateful Painting uses mostly Sherwin Williams Superpaint on our projects. However, we understand that $50 a gallon can be a bit of a burdensome price when on a budget. We can cut material costs down by 60% through our low-cost paint options!


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Cancellations & Refunds

Our upmost priority is your satisfaction. We have an extensive process set in place to make sure that you are satisfied before our final invoice is paid. We will always walk our projects with our clients and end the process with a signature and nice handshake in order to ensure your approval. While there are no refunds once an invoice is paid, do not hesitate to call us if you run into any unnoticed concerns. We NEVER mind coming back…there is no problem that can not be fixed! If the initial required 40% is paid cancellation is free until the day our crew shows up to work.

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